>2km x 500m epizonal intrusion related gold target supported by magnetics, geochemistry and gold in drilling. Advanced target to be screened by induced polarisation before diamond drilling, potential for early news flow Immediate Value Driver

Overview & Highlights

  • Major geophysical target, magnetic lows (reversely magnetised highs during the polar reversal of the Permo-carboniferous or magnetic destruction/alteration zones) associated with major multiphase intrusive complex
  • Occurs on a major crustal scale gravity ridge, an ideal structural position within the Kennedy Igneous Province of the North Queensland gold region (>35Moz Au)
  • >2km x500m target zone associated with high tenor Au-Ag-As-Sb-Bi-Cu in surface soil geochemical survey
  • Large mineral system associated with the adjacent Falling in Reverse target
  • Close to major highway (Savannah Way) between the Georgetown and Croydon Goldfields in North Queensland
  • Aggressive exploration program of induced polarisation ground geophysics followed by deep diamond drilling