georgetown superproject

~16km x 6km major intrusion related gold target, combined geophysical and geochemical target. Large scale induced polarisation survey followed by deep diamond drilling Immediate Value Driver


Overview & Highlights

  • Major geophysical target, magnetic lows (reversely magnetised highs during the polar reversal of the Permo-carboniferous or magnetic destruction/alteration zones) associated with major multiphase intrusive complex
  • Occurs on a major crustal scale gravity ridge, an ideal structural position within the Kennedy Igneous Province of the North Queensland gold region (>35Moz Au)
  • >16kmx 6km target zone associated with elevated Au- Ag-As-Sb-Bi-Cu in substation soil geochemical survey
  • Possibly the largest untested intrusion related gold system in Australia
  • Close to major highway (Savannah Way) between the Georgetown and Croydon Goldfields in North Queensland
  • Aggressive exploration program of large scale induced polarisation ground geophysics followed by deep diamond drilling