Plutonic Limited is a mineral exploration and commercialisation company initially focused on the discovery of Tier-1 gold and gold-copper systems across Eastern and Central Australia.


Plutonic was established to bring the best people together with the most advanced mineral targeting technologies and strategies to develop a company that could deliver mineral discovery on a sustainable basis – that is, to build a world class company with the capacity to add significant organic growth through the repeated discovery of major mineral deposits, and to further add value through the commercialisation of those assets. 
Our goal is not to simply make a discovery and develop an asset; our goal is to position ourselves to repeat this process of garnering value from ongoing generative, discovery and strategic commercial work programs. This approach was more common during the golden era of Australian mineral discoveries in the mid to late 20th Century, and our mission is to reinvigorate discovery rates and return on investment for our shareholders. Our advantage, even over the previously successful discovery-turned-mining houses, is the adoption of cutting edge technologies, advanced targeting strategies and the assembly of a strong and proven discovery, commercial and operational team.